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  In an effort to improve your experience with the University of Belize Environmental Research Institute, we will be changing our website come April 2015. This change will affect some of our content, so all previous links that you rely on today will be changed come April! You will be notified of ...

ERI and the Central Belize Wildlife Corridor on Fire

The Environmental Research Institute (ERI) was launched in January 2010. Now after four years of hard work and dedication the ERI continues growing and blooming with the third week of February being nothing short of transformational! We were joined by special visitors from our partner organizatio...

UB-ERI Additional Building Inauguration

Published February 27th 2014. The University of Belize - Environmental Research Institute (UB-ERI), launched in January 2010, was created  primarily to address the large gap in local capacity for research and monitoring that exists within Belize. Now  after over four years of hard work and dedica...

  • Website Change

    Monday, 26 January 2015 19:52
  • ERI and the Central Belize Wildlife Corridor on Fire

    Friday, 14 March 2014 10:27
  • UB-ERI Additional Building Inauguration

    Thursday, 27 February 2014 08:55
UB ERI Student Assistants Needed!

Belize Bird Rescue Opportunity



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In 2012, the UB ERI began to fulfil its vision of a National Training Program for Protected Areas
What does being a Belizean have to do with the number of jaguars or scarlet macaws in our

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